Herald 8

Herald 8

Multy Fuel Stoves

Looking for a low-maintenance stove? Try the Herald 8. First, pick up some logs (up to 20” – the larger the better). Lay the grate and light your fire. Now you’re free to enjoy your evening. Because an internal airwash keeps the glass clean, and an adjustable air-flow lets you leave the fire on overnight. That means you’ve got no cleaning or re-lighting to worry about. This family-sized stove, with an output of up to 11kW, is virtually fuss-free. Use the links below to choose your options and customise your own Herald 8.

Every Herald 8 is built with the same painstaking craftsmanship and acclaimed engineering. But only one is yours. Make it perfect by choosing the fuel, style and extras. For a country look, you could add a canopy hood (High or Low), and old-fashioned crossbars on the windows. If you’re eco-conscious, you can set up your Herald 8 to burn wood (the original ‘carbon neutral’ fuel). And the Herald 8 can, of course, be adapted to heat your home and water – turn to page 14 for advice on choosing a clip-in or wraparound boiler.

Output nominal / max Kw – 7.5 – 9.5Kw

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