Herald 7

Herald 7 Inset Multy Fuel Stoves

Stop playing pretend. Get yourself a genuine fire, and enjoy that old-fashioned crackle and blaze. The Herald 7 Inset is a traditional stove that produces those simple pleasures for a modern audience. You can roast chestnuts or toes over seasoned logs or other approved fuels. And don’t fret – it’s classic but not complicated. Built with our finest technologies, the Herald 7 Inset is swiftly and unobtrusively fitted, with a visible depth of just 190mm. It’s easy to maintain, with our famous airwash to keep the glass clear, and a cool-touch handle to make riddling quick and easy. Forget fake flames – the Herald 7 Inset is just what your fireplace always wanted.

Output nominal / max Kw – 5-6 Kw

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