Herald 6

Herald6 Multy Fuel Stoves

The year it was out, the Herald 6 won Stove of the Year. What charmed the judges? Its traditional design, or engineering finesse? It was a bit of both. Because – just like an Oscar-winner – the Herald 6 has style and substance. This elegant model gives a fine performance on wood or solid fuel, delivering a max heat output of 6.5kW. Cleanburn technology makes it kinder to the environment than many of its competitors. And an internal airwash keeps the glass sparkling. Dirty secrets? Not likely.

The Herald 6 is available in plenty of options, giving you flexibility to design a stove that will suit your décor. The double-door option (pictured), with removable crossed doors, has a warmly traditional look. The single door (previous page) gives you a wider viewing space. Choosing the door is just your first step; next decide whether you’d like the optional canopy or back boiler (capable of running two additional radiators), and which finish will complement your room.

Output nominal / max Kw – 5.5 – 6.5Kw

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