Herald 14

Herald 14 Multy Fuel Stoves

The stove. Supersized. What do you get from the Herald 14? Take a look at these figures. This enormous stove generates a heat output of up to 15kW – that’s three times the power of some compact models. With its large fuel bed (for wood or solid fuel), it can be laid and left to smoulder for up to 12 hours. No doubt about it: this is a truly serious stove, equipped with our finest technology. Its efficiency, capacity, and performance make it perfect for big rooms – and big heat.

Wake up and warm your toes by the Herald 14 – this hardworking stove can be left to glow for 12 hours, so it’s always ready to welcome you home. With a max heat output of 15kW, it’s capable of heating your home all day and night – add a wraparound boiler (page 16), and it can power up to 10 radiators. And did we mention the energy savings? Our Cleanburn system means that heat is continually redirected into the room. That’s not just good for your family, but for the environment too – use wood logs for the lowest emissions.

Output nominal / max Kw – 11.6 -14.5Kw

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