About us

Would you like your home to be warm and comfortable without expensive heating and electricity?

Discover HUNTER STOVES Ltd and you can choose the perfect stove for your home.

We have a range of stoves from 3 to 20 KW – you can choose the most suitable one for you!

There is a calculator available on this site which will help you make the best choice. The huge variety of options will allow you to stile your own individual model.

You can choose between a Flat top, Low or High Canopy; a single or a double door. Also would you like to have a complete look at the fire through our single or double plain doors with removable crosses or do you just want to be able to get a glimpse of the flame in the traditional English style. You can even choose the finish – midnight (matt black), forest green (subtle green with a metallic tint) and cloudy blue (grey-blue with a metallic tint). The stove could also be single or double sided – which would allow you to see the fire from either one or two sides of the room. If you want to use the stove for central heating you also have the option of adding a wraparound or a clip-in boiler.

The outlook of HUNTER’s STOVES is an important feature, but there are other characteristics that make them special.

The stoves combine the most modern and innovative technologies. They are CE tested and approved with up to 75% efficiency on wood burning. The free standing allows full heat release, making them much more efficient then fireplaces. The ‘CleanBurn’ and ‘TripleBurn’ technologies ensure that the fuel burns efficiently by maximizing its combustion. This is possible due to the three air flows that are directed into the stove. The primary flow is driven under the fuel bed, the secondary comes from the top of the stove and the tertiary comes from behind the combustion chamber. In this way heat is continuously redirected into the room. This is good for both warming up your family and for keeping the environment clean (use wood logs for lowest emissions).

The ‘TripleBurn’ technology always directs the air flow to the right place. If you are burning wood, push the operating tool up and away from you. When left in this position, the flow is restricted through the bed of the fire providing a solid base to build up a bed of ash. When burning solid mineral fuels, place the operating tool over the riddling spigot and pull it down towards you. When left in this position the air flow is situated under the fire bed and it is directed through the slots in the fire bed, giving the optimum conditions for burning solid fuels.

The secondary flow draws air from the top of the stove and sends it down behind the glass door, creating a screen between the fire and the glass. This is called the ‘Airwash’ technology and it ensures that the glass stays clean, since it prevents smoke or combustion particles to come into contact with the glass.

The Cool Touch system is designed so that the cleaning of the ash is not related to the combustion process. The stove could actually be working while you are cleaning it. The riddling tool enables you to clean the grate without causing clouds of dust, all you need to do is to just move it back and forth with the doors closed. The cool-handled riddling tool could also be used for opening and closing the doors, grate adjustment and easy removal of the ash pan. All of those actions could be done whilst the stove is working, which makes sure that the fire lasts longer. Our largest models could be left to glow for 12 hours, so you don’t need to restart them – adding air supply and fuel would be enough for a new start.

We have the experience of making stoves for over 160 years which is what makes us so good!